Who We Are

What we are and do

At Boats IQ our goal is to always supply the highest level of customer service, customer always first. Our mission stands whether you are considering purchasing, selling, building, or simply seeking help with boat management and care.

We ensure that everything we do is to satisfy ‘you’ as the client. Our success enables you to have a boating experience that is enjoyable, relaxing and without delay. Whether it is a pleasure, commercial, motor boating or sailing, our teams are at your service locally or globally sourcing, new or used, we are confident to will find the right match for your needs.

Our goal is satisfying even the most demanding of clients, Boats IQ aims to deliver a boating experience of professionalism and trust with genuine enthusiasm. Utilising our wealth of knowledge and experience in the boating realm, we will consult and guide you through the entire process and be there from first hello, right through to the breaking of champagne on your next pride and joy.

With our HQ in Singapore, developing offices across the South East Asia and our network of partners, we have a global reach to ensure that we can cater for all your needs.

Our Mission

Boating through experience and trust.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Knowledge – to impart relevant information to our clients with speed and accuracy. The correct information without compromise.

  • Professionalism – to operate in confidentiality with respectfulness to both our clients and partners. Never over promising but always over delivering.

  • Honesty and integrity – following through with our promises and commitment with honest business ethics throughout all our transactions with clients and partners. Doing what we said we would do, when we said we would do it.

  • Passion – a shared passion for the seas. Our passion spills over into our daily lives, we are boaters through choice and have a shared passion with our clients. This reflects in everything we do.

Our position in market

With our values as the foundation of our business we wish to position ourselves in the market by:

  • Building trust in knowledge and experience, in the boating lifestyle
  • Transparency in consultation and sales
  • To offer more than what is available in the current market, bringing a breath of fresh air

Our products and services

We cover a range of services within the boating space in with we are forever expanding on. These are some of these services we can offer you:

  • Brokerage (used boats)
  • Dealer (new boats)
  • Charter
  • Service and aftersales
  • Project management

Customers and clients

We cater for the full spectrum of customers in the boating world.

Whether you are a ‘First Timer’ looking for that entry into the boating world or a ‘Current Owners’ looking to trade up or down, our Sales and Brokerage team will support you a long the way. For those leaving boating our Brokerage team will find the right buyer for you.

For those ‘Converters’ from sail to power or power to sail we understand the lifestyle change and steer you the right way.

If you are a Charterer just wanting to get out to sea, we have partnered with the leading management companies to provide a range boats fitting everyone’s needs.

For the ‘Sharers’ we are building a network of aspiring boat owners to connect individuals wishing to have fractional ownership in boat to use as their time permits.