Meet The Team

My passion for boating can be traced back to my childhood, where I spent a significant amount of time on the water with my family around the South coast of the United Kingdom as well as all around The Mediterranean.

When I’m not busy selling or listing yachts, you can find me fishing, playing golf or scuba diving – whichever the weather dictates.

BoatsIQ enables me to drive my passions forward and help others enjoy life on the water, guiding others into what can begin as a hobby but ultimately turns into a lifestyle meeting a new family of fellow boaters.

As Managing Director of BoatsIQ, it’s my job to think about how best to look after all our clients to maximise their enjoyment on the water, making the most of precious time with their family and friends. One of my greatest pleasures is watching clients enjoying their boat and knowing that you helped them realise their dream which is turned into reality.

Martin McIntyre, Founder


Born and raised in Singapore, my passion for boating and the nautical space can be traced back to growing up on the water, and my close family connections who still actively work within the marine industry.

Boatside and inside of the BoatsIQ office, I am committed to client focus and care, ensuring efficient after sales services, technical support, and all associated marine administrative tasks.

Being a part of BoatsIq and the dynamic marine industry, allows me to combine my genuine love of all things nautical with practical processes and industry experience, to assist boat owners in achieving a worry free and exceptional boat ownership experience.

“I believe being out on the water is an unforgettable way to spend time with those that are close to you, and I want everyone to experience it… the boating lifestyle has so much to offer…”

Yany, Operations Coordinator


As an avid yacht enthusiast and experienced boat broker, I appreciate that everyone’s boating situation is unique. This is kept forefront in my mind when providing boat brokerage expertise to my clients.

Coupled with my specialised background and track record of successful boat brokerage sales within the industry, I believe that personalised service and clear communication are essential when matching clients with the boat of their dreams.

Being part of the BoatsIQ team has provided valuable industry insight and brand exposure to more diverse boat stock, leading to specific skills and knowledge.

Care and integrity, balanced with client collaboration are my core focus in conjunction with industry knowledge, to secure the desired result that both client and broker seek.

“Being a Singapore city girl, I will grab any opportunity to get onboard a yacht, get out to sea and connect with nature. You will never hear me say no to a day out on the water!”

Michelle, Boat Broker