List Your Boat


Selling your yacht, one of your most prized assets can be a stressful experience. Here at Boats IQ, we take the hassle out of it and endeavor to find you the right buyer at the right price for your treasured possession. We are presenting you with a worry-free solution for you to upgrade your current boat for something bigger and better. Our team of professionals will ensure a quick and timely result for your boat.

The 8 Steps to getting your boat underway.

The right Broker

How can I sell my boat? Choosing Boats IQ as your broker gives you several distinct advantages. Firstly, we are a one stop service, we will advise you as to what needs to be done for you to achieve the maximum price for your boat.

We will advise you accordingly as to the listing process as per our downloadable PDF. We will take all the necessary images and VDO as well as 360 tours if deemed necessary, to illustrate the true potential of your yacht. Exposure to local domestic markets, here in S.E. Asia, where Boats IQ have a deep-rooted understanding, with access to the ever-burgeoning wealthy boating enthusiasts.

Finally, online marketing is one of our key attributes and listing your yacht on the right platforms will increase the potential to an ever-increasing pool of International clients wishing to pursue a yachting lifestyle here in Asia.

Listing Agreement

At Boats IQ, we take pride in doing things properly. When you decide to list your boat with us, we would require you to sign a listing agreement. All our contracts are all based on the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association standard, which protects buyers and sellers equally across the sale of boats.


Media & Marketing

We, as your brokers, have exclusive access to websites such as Yachtworld, which has become the gold standard for searching and purchasing boats from all over the world. With functions such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the real estate brokering community. Boats IQ yacht brokers utilize this sophisticated system of inventory and lead management. When you list with Boats IQ, your boat will automatically appear on the global MLS inventory. Listings will include the following:

  • Professional images.
  • State-of-the-art video tours.
  • Personal walk-throughs of your boat.


With over 30 years’ experience, Boats IQ maintains a substantial database of International buyers and sellers to whom we will directly market your boat.



The price point is a crucial component for successfully selling your boat. Our experienced brokers have in-depth knowledge and tools, such as Boat Wizard, to assess historical sale prices and market trends. Therefore, we can give a comprehensive evaluation of your asset with a positive sale result.


Screening and Qualifying

After pricing and listing, one essential aspect of our job is to ensure those inquiring buyers are qualified and able to purchase. 

Qualifying potential buyers help to avoid high traffic and low-yield inquiries. No fender kickers, thanks!


Financing and Paperwork

We also help our buyers obtain financing and assist with changing documentation, registration, and insurance. Having organized and accurate documentation at the closing can save valuable time and money for both the buyer and the seller.


Closing the deal

Once a buyer has been vetted, Boats IQ will guide you through the negotiation phase, ensuring that all documentation is up to date before finalizing the purchase agreement, sea trial, and final paperwork. Boats IQ will be diligent throughout the process, ensuring negotiations are carried out at the highest levels. Our dedicated team will go above and beyond in securing a new buyer for your boat.