Why Use A Broker

Selling a boat can be a complex process. Advertising, accurately pricing, qualifying prospects and potential buyers, scheduling and accompanied viewings, sea trials, managing offers, negotiating, drawing up agreements, due diligence and documenting agreements, and securely transferring and handling the financial transaction itself are all part of the process. Most boat owners don’t have the time, experience or the training to deal with a transaction this involved. Brokers do it every day and have the requisite skills and mechanisms to do so.


Using BoatsIQ as your broker to sell your boat gives you several distinct advantages. Exposure to a global market being one of them. Putting “For Sale” signs all over your boat, especially larger boats that have a smaller pool of buyers and may not be in the same region of the country. Many yacht clubs and marinas do not allow “For Sale” signs. Therefore, selling online is the way to go forward.


We, as your brokers, have exclusive access to websites such as Yachtworld, which has become the gold standard for searching and purchasing boats from all over the world. With functions such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the real estate brokering community. Boats IQ yacht brokers utilize this sophisticated system of inventory and lead management. When you list with BoatsIQ, your boat automatically will appear on the global MLS inventory. Listings include professional images, state-of-the-art video tours, and personal walk throughs of your boat.

BoatsIQ maintains a substantial database of buyers and sellers to whom we will directly market your boat.


Price point is a crucial component for successfully selling your boat. Our experienced brokers have in depth knowledge and tools to assess historic sale prices and market trends


Screening and Qualifying

After pricing and listing, one very important aspect of our job is to ensure that inquiring buyers are qualified and in a position to purchase. Qualifying potential buyers helps to avoid high traffic and low yield inquiries.No fender kickers, thanks!


Financing and Paperwork

We also help our buyer obtain financing and assist with changing documentation, registration and insurance. Having an organized and accurate documentation at the closing can, and will, save valuable time and money for both the buyer and the seller.